Kevin Meyer from the Evolving Excellence blog has put together a nice post called Carnival of Lean Leadership. In it he includes links to posts from otherblogs around the topic of “Lean leadership”, the iSixSigma Blogosphere included:

“Losing and winning are topics in two of our favorites. The Common Sense Guy shows how leadership lessons from a baseball team can transform a culture of losing by creating a plan, communicating the plan, and executing the plan. The Lean Manufacturing Blog discusses the same Wall Street Journal article from a factory perspective.

“Quality is the focus of one of the newest blogs, Mike Wroblewski’s Got Boondoggle. This particular post compares Catholic sins to defects… an interesting and thought-provoking perspective. Mike’s blog has several other top-notch articles on root cause and other topics. iSixSigma has a very active blog focusing on… six sigma. Many of the posts describe six sigma successes at various companies, but others discuss issues such as the impact of six sigma on innovation.”

Thanks Kevin for putting together this Carnival of Lean Leadership. What a great way to introduce readers to new blogs. I’ll put on my carnival hat and work on a Six Sigma post in the coming weeks…

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