What was really written on those stone tablets that Charlton Heston held in “The Ten Commandments?”

The Ten Commandments For Six Sigma Black Belts in Healthcare

I.Thou Shalt Have No other Goal than to Serve the Welfare of the Patient, by Process Improvement using Data Analysis or Lean Tools as Thou Needest.

II.Thou Shalt Not Worship any Particular Form of Statistical Analysis Above All Others, nor Bow Down to any individual Quality Expert’s Trademarked Methodology.

III.Thou Shalt Not Take the Name of Thy Computer in Vain, for Thy Computer is a Jealous Computer, Visiting the Iniquity of the Users upon the Third and Fourth Generation of Them that Hate it; but Shewing Mercy unto Them that Love it, and Follow its User Manuals, and Call IT Support when Needed.

IV.Remember the Days of Rest, and Keep them Holy: Thou Shalt Not Think About Work on these Days, so as to Maintain Thy Sanity, and Promote Clear Thinking when Thou Dost Return to They Labors.

V.Honor Thy Master Black Belts and Senseis, and All Who Impart Knowledge and Understanding, that Their Days may be Long upon the Land and Because Thou Never Knowest When Thou Wilt Need a Letter of Reference.

VI.Thou Shalt Understand the Principles of Each Statistical Method and Test that Thou Doest, so that Thy Hypothesis Testing and Thy Graphical Analysis Shall Be Accurate and Have Acceptable Confidence and Power.

VII.Thou Shalt Keep Informed About New Methods through Continuing Education, Membership in Professional Organizations, and Reading of Thy Professional Journals in Any Spare Time that Thou Hast.

VIII.Thou Shalt Not Falsify the Data, nor Manipulate Data to Achieve Thine Own Ends; neither Shalt Thou Bear False Witness Against Thy Fellow Belts, but Thou Shalt Truthfully Reveal the Situation to Thy Master Black Belt or Sensei in the Midst of Any Problem Investigation that Ariseth.

IX.Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Fellow Black Belt’s Knowledge, but Shalt Strive to Achieve Thine Own Understanding of the DMAIC Process and Lean Concepts; and Thou Shalt Ask Questions when Thou Hast Them, and further Thou Shalt Ask for Help whensoever it is Needed to Fulfill These Commandments.

X.Thou Shalt Write, Speak, and Present in Order to Spread the Six Sigma and Lean Message, because Communication Eight Times Eight Ways is Thy Future and Thy Job Security.

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