Nayism 29: I’ve been to Green Belt training, passed my test, completed my project and have been certified. Now can I get back to doing my real job?

This naysayer has obviously gotten lost but has not realized that he is not in Kansas anymore. In his view, he has ‘punched his ticket’ and now wants to go home. This type of response is typically heard from the ‘compliance mode’ naysayer. He understands what he has to do and complies (at least he thinks he is complying).What can you possibly say to persuade him to change his mind? Here’s what I say. . .

Learning Six Sigma methods is not just a ‘ticket punch.’ The value can only be derived if you internalize the methodology and apply it to what you do and how you do it every day. If you don’t, then you have wasted your time and the company’s time by becoming a Green Belt.

I’m sure that if you take a closer look at your business using what you have recently learned that you will begin to see opportunities where Six Sigma can be applied to improve your processes. It is your responsibility to pursue these opportunities. Your colleagues and our company are depending on you to use what you’ve learned to make a difference.

And, by the way, if you don’t pursue these opportunities, I’m sure someone else will and you will find yourself even more lost. At some point, not even the wizard will be able to bring you back.

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