What’s Needed – On Time – With Value (W.O.W.) It’s even more relevant in today’s economy. As families struggle to make ends meet, the value provided for the dollar spent is more important than ever. What does this mean? Higher expectations from customers at a time when businesses themselves are tightening up the spending reins. What should we do? Panic? No – we don’t need to stinkin’ panic. . . we got Six Sigma!

For decades, the “excellence minded” have used Six Sigma to balance the Quality – Delivery – Cost equation. And it’s times like these that will separate the “excellence minded” from the “naysayers.” For excellence is not a linear function of money, rather it is a combination of passion, planning, process and people. It’s not about squeezing the last dollar out of your process; it’s about finding new and innovative ways to deliver value at a lower cost. So what are you waiting for? Get out your Six Sigma toolbox, get engaged and take the lead in creating customer W.O.W. It’s time!


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