Innovate Forum has posted an interviewwith David Silverstein, President and CEO of Breakthrough Management Group and co-author of INsourcing Innovation. In the interview, Silverstein talks about the TRIZ methodology for innovative problem solving.

“Innovate Forum: TRIZ is a methodology that has traditionally been employed in product design. What prompted you to consider applying TRIZ to business innovation?

“Silverstein: Well, you just used the key word – methodology. TRIZ caught my eye initially because it involved such a methodical approach to problem-solving – which is something that is very palatable to people who are accustomed to Six Sigma. Furthermore, when people are talking about Six Sigma today, they’re not just talking about process optimization – they’re talking about things like design for Six Sigma and structured approaches to strategic planning. So TRIZ offers a very structured approach to innovation, and makes a lot of sense to Six Sigma folks.”

TRIZ has always fascinated me since I learned about it in course taught by Ellen Domb, editor of the TRIZ Journaland President of the PQR Group. I have found principles of TRIZ creep into my everyday problem solving thought process (along with a few Lean principles as well). The TRIZ principles of abstraction and“ideal final result” are two that I have found quite easy to grasp and applicable to any kind of problem. In the interview, Silverstein talks about these principles and gives solid real-world examples of each.

If you haven’t heard of TRIZ, this interview will give you a taste. If you’re a TRIZ advocate, please share a story (in the comments section) where you applied TRIZ principles to come up with an innovative solution to a problem -either in business or everyday life.

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