Benchmarking results consistently identify examples of Six Sigma success. Even so, getting “naysayers” on board is a continuous challenge. What do you tell them?

Nayism 8: I know that leadership needs to understand Six Sigma but is learning all these statistics really necessary? We’re not all statisticians nor do we want to be.

When leadership is first faced with Green Belt training, the statistics can be overwhelming. This may frustrate some leaders. A common reaction is to disclaim any applicability to their current function. Approaching the answer to this question from a ‘business knowledge’ perspective may be helpful. So, here’s what I say . . .

The purpose of learning and understanding statistical analysis is not to make everyone a statistician but to make everyone a better business leader. The topic of statistics and analytical thinking is part of almost every MBA curriculum and widely accepted as a fundamental skill in shaping a business leader. Green Belt training takes these fundamental analytical skills and applies them to improving business processes which, in today’s world, is every leaders job. So Green Belt training is not about “learning statistics.” It’s about helping leaders use data, statistics and analysis to make better business decisions.

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