A person trained in 6 Sigma is given a set of tools to solve problems. When you have been practising 6 Sigma for a while as I have (3 years as a Black Belt), the tools become part of your everyday life. In ‘Performance Based Leadership’ terms I have become unconsciously competent on the tools (or that’s what I’d like to think).

I sadly admit that this has been transferred into my home life.I now have a set process for getting ready in the morning, which is too sad to print.

I ask my girlfriend questions like, “Who is going to be responsible for this ‘chore’?” (taken from RACI). From my PBL training I now give feedback to friends in an objective manner (NORMS) based e.g. “You have turned up late three times to the past 5 dinner parties”. In the past I would have said, “You’re an unreliable $%$****”.

I now go into businesses and see examples of the eight forms of waste. In supermarkets at the checkout I see shoppers unpack a basket then watch the till operators scanning the goods and then watch the shoppers packing them again (3 moves) when this could be done, as I have seen it done in Japan, in 2 moves. A classic case of waste of motion! Sad observation, but I can’t help noticing it.

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