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Lean: Your Proverbial ‘Boot In The Door’

I have recently completed a ‘Five S’ (see isixsigma dictionary) on a materials procurement process, and have had the most buy in this year for process improvement. Why? Because especially ‘Sort’ is simple for all to understand, it’s basically an organised spring clean You leave your FIRST meeting with a plan of action that can…

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Nail Down Your Project with PBL

A good project gets you the facts, the data. Talk objectively with those facts and you have a water tight case for any ‘rhetoric’! In my Blog Man v. Machine I talked about PBL; ’Performance Based Leadership’, basically Behavioral Science that at Bechtel they use hand in hand with DMAICT. They have an acronym called…

Man v. Machine

We must be data driven!We must manage by fact!What happens when we don’t have any data? What happens when we can’t tweak a bit of machinery to improve our primary metric? What happens when one of our critical Xs is a behavioural problem?Or, one of our action items in the Improve stage is something a…

You are better than Toyota

People only jump when they are pushed. Kotter in his book Leading Change (1994) talks about creating the “Burning Platform”. My mental image of this burning platform is a team of guys and / or gals on a burning oil rig knowing the oil rig is going to sink but only jumping into the murky…


A Fun Exercise YOU Can Use to Aid Facilitation

I am trying to make Six Sigma meetings at my project in the UK fun and a little ‘different’ than the normal meetings there. I am gathering up fun exercises and video clips to play in between facilitation of the DMAIC tools. I will share with you one GREAT team exercise (I got from my…


What Do YOU Say to the “Non-believers”?

Much is said about how Six Sigma will radically change your company, how it will save millions of pounds / dollars, and how it will change your company’s culture. Little is said about on of the major problems most Six Sigma deployments even the mature ones face; the “non-believers.”


Six Sigma on Six Sigma. I dare you!

For a year now I have been running a Six Sigma Deployment on a Rail Project in Rugby (UK). My two main problems as deployment manager are; 1. Implementation of actions 2. Proving the projected cash savings. Both problems are as you can imagine at the back end of the DMAIC process. I also run…


Do You Use (Or Try to Use) 6 Sigma in the Home?

A person trained in 6 Sigma is given a set of tools to solve problems. When you have been practising 6 Sigma for a while as I have (3 years as a Black Belt), the tools become part of your everyday life. In ‘Performance Based Leadership’ terms I have become unconsciously competent on the tools…