2008 ISSSP Leadership Conference, Day One

A few quotes and thoughts from Michael Harry’s presentation, The Great Discovery.

What is your life dream? Have we lost the dream in Six Sigma? The power of dreams is unbelievable. Belief in a dream united Motorola. That dream was Six Sigma.

Six Sigma Timeline:
1980s: Quality Improvement
1990s: Cost reduction
2000s: Value creation
2010s: Personal achievement

At Six Sigma corporations between two and five percent of employees are involved with Six Sigma. Mikel asks, “What about the other 95 percent?” Empowering the masses is the future of Six Sigma.

The great discovery is a Six Sigma way of reasoning that will empower you to innovate and execute higher quality solutions for your:

  • Personal Life
  • Home Life
  • Work Life

It was developed after looking back at 20 years of successful Six Sigma deployment data. The Great Discovery is about teaching people in all stages of life (even kids) how to achieve their dreams by working towards them in a systematic, planned way.

Do the dreaming * Dream the doing * Plan the doing * Do the plan

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