I was raised to believe thatin Six Sigma,the “Voice of the Customer” is the source of process specifications. While training, we spent quite a bit of time learning Customer Needs Mapping, developing the Critical to Quality characteristics, and filling out the CTQ tree. We defined a customer as the end-user, or beneficiary, of the process or service.

Then, it was revealed to us that sometimes the customer is not the only source of process specifications! We were introduced to the “Voice of Quality” and the “Voice of the Business” as well.

Turns out there is also the “Voice of Federal Regulations” and “Voice of the Partner Organization” and “Voice of the Corporation That Owns You.”

Now, it seems as if I’m hearing so many voices in my head, I’m not sure which way to turn sometimes! (Especially when the customer is always right!)

Does anyone else have a variety of customer inputs? Do find them to be conflicting or confusing at times? Please share your experiences!

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