Next, I attended a panel discussion called “Brainstorming Innovative Techniques to Gain Shopfloor to Boardroom Buy-in.” Panel Members were:

HT Vassar, Abbot – Ross Products Division
Merle Schneider, Clinical Research Operations, Merck
Matthew Booth, VP Operations Development, Boston Financial

They each gave a quick overview of the beginnings of Six Sigma at their respective companies and then shared lessons learned. Merck has a good story I’ll likely share later.

The familiar question arose as to which is better, full-time or part-time Six Sigma employees? HT from Abbot answered with conviction – definitely full time!

Additional questions were asked about how to communicate quick wins to the organization. Merle at Merck chimed in with the A+ answer. They host Operational Excellence awards, where the senior leaders attend and the projects as well as the teams are recognized.

Overall, I felt that the panel participants gave good insights that the audience could take back to their organization.

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