At an event where the most common number mentioned is SIX, it was really nice to hear a presentation where being ONE was more important than being SIX. Lance Secretan is inspiring. His presentation, ONE, The Art and Practice of Conscious Leadership, delivered at the ISSSP Leadership Conference in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA, was a welcome deviation from the Six Sigma mean.

He created a room of trust with his voice while heshared stories of real people consciously changing their lives for the better.

“Whenever we are happy or inspired we are one with what and whom we love. Whenever we are not, we are separate from what and whom we love. This explains all our lives adventures.”

Simplistic yet true. So our journey towards becoming ONE is stepped in practicing the CASTLE principles. “All the castle principles are in us already. We do not need to learn anything new but we do need to rediscover them.”

C.A.S.T.L.E. Principles: Courage, Authenticity, Service, Truthfulness, Love, and Effectiveness. Lance explained each CASTLE principle with a story, a real story about real people who exemplified each principle. As the session ended and we all started shuffling off to lunch, “One” by U2 proudly played like an anthem in the background.

The entire presentationincluding the stories accompanying the slides can be downloaded from Lance’s blog. This isn’t the exact presentation (the graphics were much more professional in his live presentation) but the samestories are all in the notes section).

I also attended the detailed workshop with Lance, where he took us out of the typical classroom lecture structure. We formed small circles of groups and talked about the Courage principle. Sharing stories from our lives where we used courage to get through a difficult time or event. Lance then asked us to think about a current event or problem we are having, personal or work related, and then use the same level of courage we had shown earlier, to get through it and to commit to an action that will get us started.

Thank you Lance for inspiring us to become ONE on our journey towards being SIX.

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