As practitioners, we think Lean Six Sigma is an integral part of our life. But how can we help others see its value? This is a crucial step to building and sustaining a Lean Six Sigma culture.

One thing I learned through the Lean Six Sigma deployment is that people have to be personally motivated to sustain the learning and application of the methodology. The question is always “how does it help me personally, in addition to the organization?” The benefits to the organization and customers are numerous and have been elaborated on in many books and training materials. Less is discussed about how it helps us develop personally and professionally.

I can summarize it in three words. It helps us Think, Exe-cute and Communicate more effectively.

Think. Being effective requires getting the right things done. The first step is to ask the right questions, ofen the questions not asked. As we internalize LSS concepts, we start to see things that others don’t. This new perspective allows us to challenge our thinking and see new solutions.

Exe-cute. Execution is about getting things done right. Lean Six Sigma tools are a collection of best practices that enable us to get there faster, better, and more cost-effectively.

Communicate. Lean Six Sigma philosophy and practices, such as customer value, visual control, operational definition, metrics and data, simplify and standardize communication across functions and organizational layers. Now everyone can collaborate with anyone using a universal language.

Learning and practicing Lean Six Sigma has certainly reshaped how I think, exe cute and communicate. How about you?

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