iSixSigma Publisher Katie Barry Introduces Redesigned Website

In a note to readers, Publisher Katie Barry introduces the redesigned and encourages users to send feedback on their experiences with the new site.

Updated Thursday, March 4, 2010

Thank you for sharing your comments. I hope you will be reassured by the fact that the majority of the errors you are noticing/commenting on were caused when we shifted from the developing/testing to live state. (For example, the homepage was not designed – and will soon not have – a dark blue background with light blue text on it.)

We have our development and programming teams working around the clock to fix the speed issue, which resolve a lot of other issues at the same time.

We appreciate your patience.
Katie Barry

Welcome to the redesigned!

After 10 years of publishing the best and most varied information available about Lean Six Sigma, was due for a significant overhaul to improve design and functionality.

Although the site looks different, fear not. The content and features you depend on – articles, discussion forum posts, dictionary terms and more – are still here. The iSixSigma editorial team has re-structured and re-organized them in a way that will make it easier to learn and use the methodologies and tools of business process excellence.

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We’ve spent a significant amount of time testing the new site in preparation for this launch. However, as with any new site, there are bound to be a few hiccups. If you experience any problems, or would like to share feedback, please don’t hesitate to contact the iSixSigma team. Voice of the customer (VOC) led the way for us in the redesign process, and we would love to hear more from you about you like and what suggestions you have for continued site improvements.

Thank you for joining us on the new site. Enjoy!

-Katie Barry, Publisher
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Comments 14

  1. Elaine

    Like the look of the new site, found most of the resources that I regularly use. However, articles seem difficult to find. For example I can’t local the article on the Six Sigma Maturity Model. I also find the time it takes to load a page very long (between 1 and 4 minutes). I get regular page errors and the site will not load.

  2. Sebs1977

    Overall, the formatting looks more professional then before, but some initial feedback: (1) Don’t like the blue background on the homepage, I think white is probably better and (2) even more the blue fonts against the blue background — difficult to read. Also, I noticed (3) it took a while for the page to load — maybe 30-40 seconds? (4) The homepage is long — not a big deal, but a user has to scroll down to the bottom to see where to find certain areas. Also, it’s not clear how all the areas on the homepage are grouped — that is, as I scroll further down the page, there’s new areas that pop-up…Why are areas below the blue area, not included in the blue area? What’s the difference? (5) Move a lot of the areas at the bottom of the homepage to the left banner.

  3. Waldemar Martinez

    There was nothing wrong with the old one, why change, sometime we change not for the better, just for the worst just imaging we changing our spouse for a better looking one or faster, no way I’m used to my reliable isixsigma not the new one.

  4. Avijit

    I notice a couple of usability issues :

    1. Some articles are not loading with the images ( e.g

    2. The search box limits you to only about 22 words – makes it difficult to search thru articles

    3. The landing page blue box in the middle is makiing it hard to read the text and the links – since links are blue as well

    4. I believe isixsigma shls have come up with a Voc survey before making it live

  5. Nicole Z.

    – The homepage is really bad. I’m not sure how a blue background with black and blue made it this far into the process.
    – I would make sure to check cross-browser. It doesn’t look the same across all browsers and operating systems. It gives me the impression that the developers didn’t have a firm grasp on good development.
    – I would add a little more padding on the content articles.
    – Main menu is blurry
    – Top search doesn’t line up with the background box it’s over
    – Other minor graphics that aren’t quite right.

    I had much higher hopes for the website upgrade, but it seems like a few steps back.

  6. Tony Simmion

    I will be upfront about this. The upgrade is more like a downgrade. There are basic pictures that come with Joomla! I still see on the site. The front page is by far unprofessional and not at all in the right direction. Please tell me you did not pay for this site? This is a complete train wreck that is going to need ALOT of cleaning up. Hire a proffesional development firm. This shows you get what you paid for. First glance at home page – My eyes hurt.

    I hope you take these comments seriously to bring I Six Sigma to the level it should be at.

    Good luck and god bless!

    Oh one more note. The word color for the Submit comment button right below me. Please change that to black. Wow little things like this go along way. Alot of css errors and design errors.

  7. Amalia Sage

    I understand having a large site and alot of moving parts – but this new site seems to have been rushed out of the gate to get finished or whom ever did the work didn’t know what they where doing. I usually get excited about new launches for web sites – but this site is by far the worst update I have ever seen.

    I would review the suggestions you have seen and might even review what went wrong?

    Here are my thoughts on the site:

    1: Extremely slow loading – takes WAY to long. The only way to resolve alot of this issue is scrap what you got and professional get this done – there is alot of Javascript loading and alot of errors with javascript. Just simply download Firebug and see the issues that are occurring.

    2: What is up with the colors – I can understand fundamental things might not be right out the gate because of maybe a server issues or conflict with code – but colors – how did this slip through the gates? I am color blind and it still looks bad.

    3: Toolbar: The main menu bar looks like it was sliced and diced in Photoshop 3.0 – it is so pixelated. It just looks horrible and it being the main center of the site – this needs to be fixed.

    4: Footer – what is up with that nasty footer? I mean what exactly happened there. Needs alot of TLC because some areas are long and some areas are shorter – this needs to be reviewed and cleaned up.

    5: Left hand column – did it just decide to have a breakup? I mean what is up with the random grey area?

    6: Search – the search bar is not even properly aligned – just simple CSS failure. Also when you search for something – why does it still have K2 in the search results. That is the plugin being used for the content on the site if I am not mistaken so it looks like simple things where not cleaned up.

    There is about 50 other things I could continue to list here – but I am sure you have your team reviewing all these items (or should have reviewed the items).

    A note to the wise – don’t get two steps forward to just end up going 10 steps backward – this is what you ended up doing with the new site. Might want to seek professional help if your internal staff is not competent enough to produce what is needed for a top notch site.

    PS: Lastly – why is the site so slow? I opened the site and made coffee and things where still loading.

  8. Triat

    The page is “squished” into the middle of my monitor — can you allow the page to adjust to the monitors size so it goes from side-to-side…it also makes the page too long.

  9. Kendra

    When I click on a link for article information or tools template info I get shipped right back to the home page which is blue text on blue background. Not a valuable site when the links to information don’t work.

  10. Nuggy

    Site is very, very slow. And that blue background, not such a good idea. The white type on the light gray button marked “submit comment” isn’t so good, either – very difficult to read. To be honest, I don’t see this as an improvement over the old site, sorry.

  11. Den

    I can’t find items easily

  12. Robert Cardone

    Does not function properly with IE 6.0. My company has no plans to update and I do not want to be advised to upgrade to IE 8.0 on every screen.

  13. Mark N.

    I’ll bet if you compared your daily hits before and after the change, that would tell a story. I liked to old page better…everything i was interested in at one glance, with a single click to dig deeper.

  14. Katie Barry


    I’m sorry, but IE6 will not be supported. The security of our audience is of paramount concern to iSixSigma; we simply could not risk anyone’s information in face of the problems that IE6 presents. This outdated software has numerous security issues, holes and bugs, and is no longer supported by Microsoft. (Microsoft officially said farewell to IE6 the other day –

    Katie Barry

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