Hesh Reinfeld, a Pittsburgh-based business columnist and humorist wrote a column yesterday about improving the quality of his columns:

“When my readers question the quality of my columns, I don’t look to the subjective evaluations of an editor. No, I call my six sigma black belt, Harry, for help.

“Harry has worked on process improvement at GE, Toyota and has an advanced degree in industrial engineering from Cal Tech. Most importantly, he does not have a sense of humor. He lets the data drive the solution. As a matter of fact, Harry told me that he has never actually read one of my columns.

“Harry’s analysis is based upon video taping readers as they read my columns. This time his analysis showed that the number of laughs per column had decreased dramatically from 3.7 to a paltry 1.9. And more importantly, few of the laughs were true vocal outbursts…” Read more

This column is something Six Sigma and Lean followers will get a kick out of. To read more Hesh Reinfeld, visit his website.

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