Lex Vehicle Leasing, one of the UK’s premier company car suppliers, published a press release today touting their fifth successive year of growth. Lex has been using the Six Sigma methodology for the past four years. They call it Q6 internally and it has produced substantial results:

“Contributing to this outstanding year were £4 million of annual benefits generated from Lex’s implementation of a business transformation programme called Six Sigma – and a move to a world class operational centre at Cheadle, near Stockport.

“Six Sigma generated an 11% improvement in the key processes that affect customer service, while the move to Cheadle underpinned a significant improvement in colleague satisfaction.”

While the dollar savings are worthy of note, it’s not always about the money. John Walden, Lex’s Managing Director, shares additional benefits:

“Six Sigma has enabled us to improve service to customers, develop lasting relationships with key suppliers and improve the internal processes that are so crucial to making the business work effectively. It has been an enlightening process.”

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