With “The Discreditor” ranking a strong #5, “The Busybody” boasting the #4 spot, and “The Egomaniac” landing #3, our countdown of the Six Sigma Most Wanted List of naysayers continues this week with #2 – “The Whiner.”

Mode of Operation (MO): This Naysayer complains about everything including Six Sigma. Six Sigma training is too hard or takes too long or is not long enough. Projects take too long to complete. There aren’t enough resources; there is too much work. Everything is a problem. Yada yada yada.

Probability of existing without being detected: Low – This naysayer’s constant whining about Six Sigma (as well as everything else) vibrates throughout the department like a yodel in the Alps. Everyone knows exactly how this naysayer feels about Six Sigma.

Probability of having daily occurring nayisms: HIGH – Whining about Six Sigma occurs on a daily basis if not more often. Actually, it never lets up. It happens in meetings, at lunch, at the water cooler, in the carpool and most probably even at home (their dog is probably a naybarker).

Probability that their nayisms will have negative long-term ramifications: HIGH – These naysayers can have a far reaching impact because most of them are expert whiners meaning they have perfected their whining to get maximum attention and results. If they hold a leadership position their impact is even greater. It will be hard if not impossible to get this naysayer turned around before widespread damage occurs.

Overall Threat Level: HIGH (ranked using Gianna’s proprietary naysayer scale)

Actions to Deal with Naysayer #2Here’s what I say . . . Approach this naysayer with open ears and let them download all of their Six Sigma related concerns. Examine the concerns to identify common themes or issues (time constraints, resources, understanding, etc.) If possible, offer alternatives that may help address some of the issues like changing training dates to accommodate special requests or showing examples where projects have helped effectively deal with time and resource constraints. Sometimes even a small concession or example is enough to allow some constructive dialog that may help reduce this naysayers decibel level.

If the naysayer is in a leadership role, invite him or her to kick-off a training class. Offer to help prepare their speech. The ‘public’ show of required support may help dampen the impact of their negative chatter back at the office.

If all else fails, see if you can isolate them so that they can do less harm. Look for opportunities to engage people around them in hope that knowledge can help shield the rest of the organization from the constant naysaying.

Although most people are aware of this naysayers propensity to whine about everything, don’t underestimate the damage that can be done if this naysayer is not closely monitored. Given the right circumstances, they could spark anayism pandemic that can leave your deployment dead in its tracks.

Tune in next week to find out who holds the #1 spot on the Six Sigma Most Wanted list of naysayers.

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