Here is a very unique application of Six Sigma from Bank of America. Ray Bednar, BofA’s new sports sponsorship executive, will use the methodology to improve the banks sports sponsorship process:

“Now Bednar says his job is to make sure the bank is getting the most out of its sports deals using ’Six Sigma’ techniques that can monitor whether sponsorships are worth the investment. One of his first tasks will be to examine whether the company should continue its U.S. Olympic team sponsorship after 2008.” BofA Executive Examines Sports Role

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that Six Sigma can have such a broad reach, applicapable in any situation where there is a process that yields some kind of result. Here lies more proof that Bank of America is not only mature in their Six Sigma deployment, but so confident in the expected returns that even a processs such as sporting event sponsorship is seen through data driven spectacles. Six Sigma doesn’t sit in the cheap seats at Bank of America. Six Sigma is on the coaching staff,calling the plays and winning games.

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