Yesterday, our organization graduated its first class of Lean Green Belts that was taught on our own, without our consultant. We’re using the term “Lean Green Belt” because we’re teaching them primarily Lean so they can facilitate Rapid Improvement Events, although we’re using the DMAIC structure as an organizing principle. (Our BBs are called Six Sigma Black Belts, to reflect the additional statistical knowledge they need to run both Lean and Six Sigma projects.)

During the graduation ceremony, we had a wonderful “aha” moment. Our CEO was just wrapping up hiswarm congratulatory speech, and he ended it by saying “… and let’s keep pushing our improvement efforts forward!”

As one, the entire Lean Green Belt class responded: “PULL! NOT PUSH, PULL!”

Needless to say we all erupted in laughter. This is a class that “gets it” and we’re very excited to see them go out into the workplace and share their learnings.

Our Lean Green Belt certification requirements include 9 days of coursework over 4 months, an exam, and facilitation or co-facilitation of two projects within 12 months of completing the classes.Having graduated these 40 LGBs, we’re really looking forward to seeing what the “Fall Class of 2006” will be doing next!

(And, we’re already starting our prep work for our Winter 2007 LGB class which will begin next month!)

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