A few years back we sold of our Malaysian made Proton cars and got a Toyota MPV and another Toyota sedan. When the sedan came I also got the book The Toyota Way. Reading the book and driving (not reading and driving at the same time though) the cars is just inspiring. To me Toyota is peace of mind- no engine problems, no electrical system issues, no gear box breakdown. To top it all, those VVTi engines are great- one wonders where all the power came from the relatively small engines. Never had a problem with my pedal and carpet- the only thing I had to be careful is not to pedal-to-the metal otherwise that stab in my back.

I am personally gratefully for the Toyota quality. You see, I had to work 3 states away from home at one time. For nearly two years those were tough times for me- making a 400km trip back to home on weekends and 400km back to work. The drives were grueling — heavy rains, lousy roads at certain stretches and fatigue. Not a single time my Toyota broke down otherwise I would have been mugged or something. The ABS kicked in when it should, the engine never overheated under straight 6-hour drives and the VVTi made sure the slower vehicles ate dust. I am taken care of, really.

I am sorry to hear of the tragic accidents to which the cause was identified to quality. However I also observe there’s some level international political play which strives to change people’s perception on Toyota. As for me I wish to thank Toyota personally, for bringing me back home safe from those terrible inter-state drives.

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