I’m going to go out on a limb and open up a discussion on the “Ultimate Organization” here. In my last two posts, I talked a little bit about integrating the 6S culture in an organization (vs keeping it at a specialist level only) and organizational fear. I figured a logical progression of the overall discussion would be to open up a thread to talk about what the ultimate organization would look like.

Take a minute to reflect on your experiences (good and bad) on your involvement in 6S. Then, if you can find the best scenario for success, fast forward a few years to the end game. What does it look like (from president to the front line)?

There are a few motivations behind why I’m asking the question. The main one is that a lot of times we talk about what doesn’t work, or challenges that we face, but in the grand scheme, I have yet to see a discussion around what “utopia” looks like from a 6S standpoint. Based on the varying experiences and industry affiliations of the readership here, I am really looking forward to the diverse possibilities of answers, as well as some great dialog.

Happy daydreaming!


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