Each of our hundred of processes required a common format/look for consistency in the creation of our cookbook.

We sit down with our Knowledge Management team to discuss what our users should know about a process and we came up with this list:

Procedure Name–The identifying name of the procedure that makes a distinction between itself and other procedures

Difficulty Level–The amount of difficulty assigned to a process or procedure that is derived from the collection, calculation, and analysis of difficulty factors withint a process or procedure [We’re using: Number of steps within the process with connecting processes counting once; number of possible conflicts; and number of vocabulary words]

Author–The person or persons to whom the creation of a document is credited

Creation Date–The date in which a process was initially created

Update Date–The last date in which changes were made to a process

Updated By–The person or persons to whom the most recent updating is credited

Audience–The person, persons, or groups to which a process is intended

Stakeholders–The group of organizations, departments, and/or people that a specific process deals with in order to obtain the end result of said process

Core Processes–The main process area a process belongs to

Connecting Processes–The separate processes within a procedure

Vocabulary–All key words relevant to a process or procedure that are likely to be misunderstood or not understood by all

Knowledge Experts–The person or persons whom problems may be escalated to, if the need arises

Forms–Any forms related to a specific policy or procedure

Description–A statement or an account describing a process or procedure that serves as a brief overview of a process or procedure

Needed to Complete–The concrete objects that are required in order to successfully complete a process or procedure

Policies–Any policies–written or not, that govern a specific process or procedure

Steps–The steps in the flowchart

Business Rules–Rules describing the requirements of a process or procedure

Employee Knowledge Required–The knowledge that is required by an employee in order to complete the procedure or process

Customer Knowledge Required–The knowledge required by a customer in order for a given process or procedure to take place

Knowledge Created–The knowledge that is created through the completion of a process or procedure that did not exist before

Possible Conflicts–The possible conflicts that can occur in the process or procedure

FAQ–Those for an employee, customer or stakeholder

Orientation Materials–Any staff orientation materials connected

Exit Materials–Any staff exit materials connected

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