I’m at the IQPC Six Sigma Summit and Awards Conference in Miami, Florida. The conference kicks off Tuesday morning withspeakers from Regal Beloit, Bank of America and Delphi Corporation, and the morning general session culminates with Roy Templin, who is the chief financial officer of Whirlpool, and Rudy Giuliani, former Mayor of New York.

I also had the opportunity to puruse the exhibition hall, which is packed withthe who’s who of the Six Sigma industry. In the exhibition hall Ihad the opportunity to “become a millionaire.” Alright, maybe not a millionaire exactly…

i-Solutions, a provider of provider of enterprise software solutions for the management of business programs such as Six Sigma, has the “millionaire” equivalent for Six Sigma. It involves putting on a golf green. In similar fashion to Who Wants to be a Millionaire, a participant can walk away at any point and keep the prizes accumulated to that point.

Contestants in the golfing game may win prizes corresponding to the number of successful consecutive putts sunkin accordance with the following prize table. Prize amounts listed are not cumulative. I’m told that all prizes include implementation, training and support.



PuttCorrect Answer
i-Nexus Seats
1 102 253 504 755 100 6 250 7 500 8 1000 9 2500 10 Unlimited

If a participant misses a putt at any point, they do not win any i-Nexus seats or training.

I believe that I have captured the rules and prizes correctly, but do not guarantee them.Please visit the exhibition if you’re attending the conference or in the Miami, Florida area, and stop by the i-Solutions booth to try out your golfing skills and learn rule details. You may just end up winning the tools your organization needs to align, manage and execute your project portfolio.

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