Eco-efficiency at the server farm

In his Rough Type blog, Nicholas Carr — contrarian author of the book, Does IT Matter? — comments on Microsoft’s plans to build a data center in Siberia and upcoming completion of the world’s largest data center in Chicago. Construction of these facilities costs hundreds of millions of dollars, and each will hold tends of thousands of servers. Microsoft’s Chicago data center will employ only 35 to 50 people. Apparently, climate in Chicago and Siberia were prominent in these sites being selected because their colder weather makes it cheaper to cool the data center equipment. Large server farms built for environmental efficiency and staffed by just a few people — is green physical and virtual platform design a new frontier for Design for Six Sigma? Microsoft is a big proponent of Lean Six Sigma.

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  1. Neo

    Microsoft should be banned out of the heavy duty servers farms – they are the largest monopoly in the world.
    dear IT managers, please do not let them step into the real world of data centers.
    Siberia?! will you host your servers there?
    I bet they will make you use their shi* operating system as you’ll get it for free when using their data centers.

    it’s never too late to try stopping them :-)

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