Green Belt Mistakes

iSixSigma Blogosphere Newsletter Guest Blog – May 15, 2007

Dawn Mular, Sun Microsystems employee and blogger, recently wrote Top 10 Program Mistakes (Green Belt) Programs Make…

First, I like that she plugs the Software channel of iSixSigma, linking to the recent article, Top 10 Program Mistakes Software Green Belts in Training Make, but more importantly she takes three of those top ten mistakes and shares her own stories as she progressed throughGreen Belt training.

Visit her blog to hear her thoughts on mistakes 10, 9 and 8:

10: Not Exploring All the Educational Resources
9: Denial of Application in the Participant’s Workplace
8: Wanting to Move into Measure and Analyze Phases Before Define Is Solid


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  1. leantyro

    10.) Not Exploring All the Educational Resources – This for me is of critical importance. Some six sigma green belts are contented with what was only taught to them during training – and of the study materials given.

    However, there are more to six sigma than the handouts given. A lot of good resources are still out there for one to study and make a reference of.

    There are lean manufacturing books (or TPS), Exploratory Data Analysis books (or EDA), writings of Shingo (on Pokayoke and SMED), Wheeler’s SPC, Montgomery’s DOE, Deming’s writings, Ishikawa’s Guide to Quality Control and many more.

    If one’s goal is continuous improvement – one must indeed read a lot. In these books – one will learn how to approach six sigma green belt projects correctly. One will improve on his problem solving skills, project management and data analysis.

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