Lean: Your Proverbial ‘Boot In The Door’

I have recently completed a ‘Five S’ (see isixsigma dictionary) on a materials procurement process, and have had the most buy in this year for process improvement. Why?

  1. Because especially ‘Sort’ is simple for all to understand, it’s basically an organised spring clean
  2. You leave your FIRST meeting with a plan of action that can be executed within days, this often takes longer with DMAIC
  3. Because the results are visual. Always take before and after photos

Once you have this win and have been seen to deliver, you can start putting more intricate process improvement methods in place like Value Stream Mapping, data collection etc without your stakeholders noticing or even better with their consent.

I am interested in your experiences and first impressions of deploying Lean.

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  1. J Schmedding

    We began a Lean journey last summer (2007) and have enjoyed tremendous success with our 5S program to date. We have had three successful large "events" and numerous small ones besides. The immediate impact that is felt by workers in the improved areas is what motivates others to get on board and stay on board.

    The simplicity of design and implementation that 5S offers means that the work begins when the training ends. Opposed to other improvement methodologies (SS, DFSS, etc.) that seem to start strong and then fade out as time goes on.

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