TWOL (The Wastes of Lean)

A common way to learn principles or tools is to associate a word as an acronym. The seven/eight wastes of Lean is a great example of acronymic variation. I’ve come across five different words invented to illustrate the wastes of Lean:

The iSixSigma dictionary uses the word DOTWIMP to list the seven wastes of Lean and TIM WOODS for the eight wastes.

Six Sigma Guy learns the eight wastes of lean from his co-worker as TO WISDOM and an article from the Lean Mining Network suggests WORMPIT as a way to remember the wastes.

Another acronymous word for the eight wastes is DOWNTIME.

Is all this variation good? If all you are going to do is memorize the acronyms…then the more there are the better. Choose the one you like best and roll with it. Any others acronyms out there for the 7/8 wastes of Lean? Do share.

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  1. Sue Kozlowski

    We use U WIT D MOP which came from one of our lean vendors, Don Tapping.

    I am fascinated to learn the other acronyms, though – my personal favorite is TO WISDOM. Seems to lead us in the right direction, although a lot can be said for mopping up, too!

  2. Laura

    I’m a student and taking my operations management class now. One of the most helpful acronyms I’ve used is downtime. It makes so much sense. Thanks for giving me a heads up on other acronyms I can use…good study tips!

  3. William Seal

    The reason WORMPIT is good in a mining sense is that it fits with worming down into a pit. This way we get to the bottom of the waste.

  4. Andrew

    DOWNTIME seems good, I also found an easy way to remember them was using ‘DO TO SWIM’: Defects, Overproduction, Transport, Overprocessing, Skills, Waiting, Inventory and Motion.

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