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  1. Kashif


    Recently, I have been promoted to Assistant Quality and Development Manager. I am sure that its a good opportunity for me to build up my career.

    I have been hearing a lot about six sigma, and now I am interesting to start with it, the only problem I am facing right now is from where to start, which will help me even in the future with other companies.

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  2. GaryPCox

    Well, you’re on the right website to get started.

    There are lots of good links to explore. There are also some very good books (and bloggers/posters). The George Group (see their link on the home page) offer some good reading/training materials, as does QPC, not to metion the Rath & Strong pocket guides available in bookstores or on-line.

    Keep in mind that Six Sigma (and now Lean Six Sigma) are Methodologies, and that they use tools… you become proficient at using tools only with practice;
    The levels of certification are Yellow / Green / Black Belts each with a greater degree of tool and methodology proficiency required.

    Start with a goal of attaining a Yellow, or maybe a
    Green Belt, and begin by searching this website, orfinding a good on-line or classroom training session. as I mentioned previously.

    You might also want to consider joining any local Improvement consortiums in your city. Many cities have them. You can learn a great deal by sharing with others who are looking to do the same thing. Tour each other’s plants or facilities, bring in guest speakers, etc.

    I hope that helps get you started.


  3. J Dysart

    I recently found a company that focuses all of their attention on Six Sigma Operations. Six Sigma operations.

    Their website has a lot of helpful information about how to implement six sigma and they can provide services to teach process improvement in the workplace.

    Check out their site it might help you out.

    Best of luck with the new job!!!

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