8 D Process

Definition of 8 D Process:

The 8D process is a problem solving method for product and process improvement. It is structured into 8 steps (the Ds) and emphasizes team. This is often required in automotive industries. The 8 basic steps are:

  1. Define the problem and prepare for process improvement
  2. Establish a team
  3. Describe the problem
  4. Develop interim containment
  5. Define and verify root cause
  6. Choose permanent corrective action
  7. Implement corrective action
  8. Prevent recurrence
  9. Recognize and reward the contributors.

Different companies have their different twists on what they call the steps.

8D is short for eight disciplines which originated from the Ford TOPS (Team Oriented Problem Solving) program. (First published approximately 1987)

  1. Establish the team
  2. Describe the problem
  3. Develop an Interim Containment Action
  4. Define / Verify Root Cause
  5. Choose / Verify Permanent Corrective Action
  6. Implement / Validate Permanent Corrective Action
  7. Prevent Recurrence
  8. Recognize the Team
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