Glenday Sieve (GS)

Definition of Glenday Sieve (GS):

An analysis technique that allows practitioners to prioritize and target improvement efforts on a few high-volume procedures, processes, units or activities (PPUAs). As seen in the table below, GS maintains that in most cases about 6 percent of PPUAs account for about 50 percent of volume. Additionally, GS classifies and color-codes all PPUAs into four different volume groups. For example, if a manufacturer makes 200 different parts, GS maintains that approximately 12 parts account for 50 percent of sales; these 12 parts would be in the green group and would ideally be the focus of any initial improvement activities, as they would yield the greatest benefit.

Cumulative Percent of Volume Cumulative Percent of
Color Code
50 percent 6 percent Green
95 percent 50 percent Yellow
99 percent 70 percent Blue
last 1 percent 30 percent Red
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