Process Performance Management

Definition of Process Performance Management:

The overseeing of process instances to ensure their quality and timeliness. Can also include proactive and reactive actions to ensure a good result.

For effective Performance Management, strategic decisions have to be taken by the senior management, with involvement from the key executives. This should address day-to-day decision making process across all levels. The most important aspect is clearly defined goals which are relevant, reliable, and timely. The process should be able to track the progress to reach that objective.

Performnace management should be:

  • Formal: A clearly defined process that everyone understands and accepts
  • Frequent: Consistent information dissemination.Relevant: Information relevant to the departments and decisions. Reliable: Everyone believes in the information. Timely. Tied to outcomes: Everyone is held accountable for their performance and are given the right tools to achieve the goals. Feedback. Leadership: People from different departments can collaborate on changing processes and procedures and making day-to-day operational decisions « Back to Dictionary Index