This blog is not for the experienced six sigma practitioners, but rather for those government managers trying to get an overview of howa lean initiative might fit with their current strategic planning. I came up with a basic 6 step process that can be easily committed to memory and turned into a mantra of sorts. Vision, Decision, Map, Measure, Transform, Sustain.

If your organization is not actively engaged in at least one or more of these organizational efforts then you are not working lean, developing a lean mind set or working toward cultural change and transformation of the workplace.

  1. Vision – What if…our government organization was efficient, customer friendly and employees were happy. What would the organization look like?
  2. Decision – Commitment to process is necessary from management and labor. It must be more then the newest fad but part of an agency wide committment providing resources and personnel to implement the process.
  3. Map – The process – What are the steps to produce the desires result (product or service) Current and future state.
  4. Measure – Value and waste. Increase value, reduce waste. Set the standards and track performance.
  5. Transform – Encourage continuous improvement of both process and people based on the map and measure of the future state.
  6. Sustain– Repeat the process continiously for each division, department and work process. Over time the lean mind set will settle in to individual performance. Keep your eye on the vision, support the decision for continious improvement through continuous mapping, measuring and transforming the work process and individual performance.

Organizational transformation occurs one person at a time. It starts with you!

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