Analyse-it Software, Ltd. is pleased to announce the launch of its Quality Control and Improvement Edition, a major new edition of its popular statistical analysis software for Excel, Analyse-it.

The Quality Control and Improvement Edition lets users to improve products and services with statistical process control (SPC). It is ideal for anyone involved in manufacturing products, managing processes, or implementing a Six Sigma programme. This software helps them bring processes under statistical control so they are stable and predictable, ensure products are capable of meeting end-user specifications, improve processes and products by finding solutions that really work, and identify actions that will reap the most rewards.

With support for statistical tools used in quality control and process improvement, Analyse-it transforms Microsoft Excel into a cost-effective powerful statistical analysis and data visualization package. As Simon Huntington, Director of Statistical Products at Analyse-it, emphasizes, “We’re pleased to reach a major milestone in extending the analysis capabilities of Analyse-it. Our in-depth quality control charts rival larger statistical packages costing up to 3 times the price. It’s time for users to seriously consider switching from outdated software. Unlike the alternatives, Analyse-it lets you perform all your statistical analysis without having to leave, or export your data, from Microsoft Excel.”

Analyse-it Quality Control and Improvement Edition is now available at only a fraction of the cost of other available professional solutions. Prices start at only US$ 449 for a 1-user perpetual license, or US$ 249 for a 1-user annual subscription.

To download a 30-day free trial visit today.

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Analyse-it Software, Ltd. is the leading developer of statistical analysis software for Microsoft Excel. First released in 1997, Analyse-it is used by tens of thousands customers around the world and is cited in thousands of published peer-reviewed articles in respected journals.

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