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DAYTON—A powerful dashboard feature that provides a high-level overview for managers, technicians, and auditors is the “crown jewel” in the newest release of GAGEpack from PQ Systems, with an improved user experience that streamlines the gage management process.

GAGEpack is a powerful gage calibration solution that maintains complete histories of measurement devices, instruments, and gages. To guarantee timely calibration, the software provides a variety of new tools, including the dashboard feature, archiving capability, and precise accounting for audit trails.

The dashboard feature offers immediate access to summary information about gage inventory, historical events, and projected workload, improving efficiency and putting critical information at users’ fingertips. “Just as an airline pilot can determine a plane’s altitude and speed, the direction and velocity of the wind, fuel consumption, equipment condition, and terrain information by glancing at indicators, GAGEpack’s dashboard offers immediate access to information relevant to assuring accuracy and efficiency in measurement equipment,” says product manager Eric Gasper.

An archiving function in the newest release allows obsolete gages to be segregated from active gages, while retaining the associated data for reference and regulatory compliance. The auditing system offers a robust and precise accounting of all changes to gages and events.

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