CC Pace Fills Industry Gap by Unveiling LeAPFusion™


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New service offering LeapFusion™, combines Lean and Agile Practices
in order to bring speed, flexibility, and efficiency to clients’ processes

Fairfax, Virginia (March 13, 2007) – CC Pace’s Lean Agile Practice (LeAP) announced today that they are launching LeapFusion, a service offering combining Lean and Agile practices, in order to transform how clients execute IT projects, develop new products, and increase performance of mission-critical business processes.

While CC Pace has utilized both Agile and Lean practices independently for several years to increase process performance, recent success integrating the two methodologies has shown the combination of the two to be more effective, particularly with project delivery and business integration. To effectively manage the project portfolio and resolve many typical issues, Agile practices at the project level must be complemented by the application of Lean principles at the portfolio level. LeapFusion is a pragmatic combination of Lean Six Sigma process improvement and problem solving techniques with fast, iterative Agile project execution to increase time-to-value, reduce waste, improve productivity and flexibility, and minimize risk.

In the time that CC Pace has combined Lean and Agile practices, clients have reported that adoption has brought faster revenue generation, accelerated return on investment, improved project net present value, and earlier value delivery. A recent study from VersionOne indicates that “60% of organizations adopting Agile methodologies realize a greater than 25% acceleration in time to market.” CC Pace’s combination of Lean Six Sigma and Agile techniques has demonstrated a 40% decrease in time to market across an enterprise project portfolio, along with improved project quality, cross-business collaboration and team morale. These results have bolstered convictions that this fusion is the key to globally optimizing financial performance for any organization.

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CC Pace is a national consulting firm that has served clients for over 25 years. CC Pace’s Lean-Agile Practice (LeAP) provides Lean-Agile consulting and training to clients large and small, including some of the most influential Fortune 500 firms. For more information about LeapFusion, or to obtain copies of the executive report, please contact Kristin Schaad at [email protected] or visit the web site at

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