Lean Six Sigma Shares Innovation with DOD Components


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Ginger Chamberlain,
DoD Lean Six Sigma Program Office
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Arlington, Virginia (April 20, 2009) – The Department of Defense Lean Six Sigma Program Office announced today they will sponsor the second annual Department of Defense (DoD) Continuous Process Improvement (CPI) Symposium June 1-3 at The National Conference Center in Lansdowne, Va. The Army, Navy, Marines, and the Air Force Smart Operations for the 21st Century (AFSO21) are featured participants at the event.

The CPI Symposium is designed as a forum for all services to share their innovation and successes in continuous process improvement. Many attendees are responsible for directly impacting their respective services by streamlining or facilitating revolutionary processes that save millions of dollars, make better use of existing resources, or enhance quality of life for service men and women by reducing overtime and creating predictable work schedules. CPI projects will be on display and attendees will have the opportunity to cast votes for their favorite outstanding CPI projects.

“While there have been many success stories, we are just beginning to tap the power of an enterprise-wide approach to strategic change. No matter how successful the efforts have been throughout the Services, these initiatives can only go so far working alone. To achieve sustained, enterprise-wide, breakthrough change we all need to work together and the 2009 CPI Symposium is an excellent opportunity to highlight the exceptional CPI efforts of DoD and share how to continue to improve. Our mission is to accelerate change and improve performance so that the warfighter will have the best we can give” said J.D. Sicilia, director, Lean Six Sigma Program Office.

Registration closes May 15, 2009. To learn more about the conference or register contact Ginger Chamberlain, at 703/693-0406 or email [email protected]. The registration website is http://live.isixsigma.com/events/dod/lansdowne/2009/default.html.

About the Lean Six Sigma Program Office

The LSS Program Office leverages the power of shared interests and coalition building in DoD’s federated governance and power structure. The office has trained over 1000 DoD employees in Lean Six Sigma principles in the first year of existence. The office is actively engaged in Portfolio Management, where Master Black Belts assist DoD Components with selecting and managing projects focused on their strategic plans. The office has been involved in a multitude of projects in areas such as container management in Iraq, acquisition, and Freedom of Information requests.

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