Purchases of Certification Quadruple over Summer Months for High-Quality Program

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Columbus, Ohio (August 31, 2010) – MoreSteam.com, the leading global provider of online Lean Six Sigma (LSS) training and Blended Learning support technologies, reports a quadrupling of enrollments for its Lean Six Sigma Green Belt and Black Belt Certification programs. Since June, MoreSteam has witnessed an overwhelmingly positive response from individuals seeking Belt certification that adheres to the rigorous third-party standards established by the Center for Operational Excellence (COE) at The Ohio State University (OSU).

This spring, MoreSteam revised its Lean Six Sigma certification program to meet the new standards set by the Center of Operational Excellence at The Ohio State University (http://fisher.osu.edu/centers/coe/lean-six-sigma-black-belt-certification-standards/), which were established to define a minimum level of acquired knowledge and a greater emphasis on proven experience. To achieve Green Belt or Black Belt certification through MoreSteam, students must complete online coursework and quizzes that conform to the COE bodies of knowledge, pass a comprehensive online exam with 80% or higher score, and complete one (for Green Belt) or two (for Black Belt) real-world projects.

Certification is an important step in the recognition of the capability of a Lean Six Sigma practitioner, but many commercially available certification programs fail to meet a defined knowledge standard or to require students to complete real-world projects. With no practical experience required for certification, graduates of such programs are ill-prepared to resolve critical process improvement projects. Additionally, hiring managers and Lean Six Sigma deployment leaders typically require new hires with non-COE-standard certifications to re-certify under their internal training programs.

“We’re frankly somewhat surprised by the strong interest in the new certification process,” said Bill Hathaway, MoreSteam.com’s President. “There seems to be a race to the bottom among many certification providers, who apparently want to provide the easiest possible path to a Lean Six Sigma credential. It’s an approach that serves the providers’ bank accounts, but it doesn’t serve our profession. Many providers don’t even require a real project – they rely on case studies and spreadsheet analysis instead of success on actual project work. Pretend projects are fine for learning, but they are inappropriate for certification, and the hiring organizations that we know agree. The new COE standards support that position. We’re happy there are still professionals who are interested in obtaining a certification that means something.”

To support students in their training and project work, MoreSteam’s certification includes project coaching, a free copy of EngineRoom®, MoreSteam’s Microsoft® Excel-based data analysis tool, and access to TRACtion®, MoreSteam’s project management software. For more details, visit the MoreSteam.com Web site: http://www.moresteam.com/elearning/lean-six-sigma-certification.cfm

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MoreSteam.com is the leading global provider of online Lean Six Sigma training and Blended Learning technology, serving over 1,800 corporate clients and over 45% of the Fortune 500 with a full suite of Lean Six Sigma e-Learning courses, EngineRoom® data analysis software, TRACtion® online project tracking software, CrucibleTM online testing, and SigmaSim® online DMAIC simulations and games. MoreSteam.com was launched in the year 2000 in response to the high cost of traditional Six Sigma training and tools, and has now trained over 250,000 Lean Six Sigma professionals. MoreSteam’s mission is to enable people to advance the performance of their organizations by delivering powerful tools for process improvement to the widest possible audience at the lowest price available.

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