New MINITAB® Guide Designed To Increase the Productivity of Six Sigma/DMAIC Projects


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LEXINGTON, MA – May 21, 2004 – Rath & Strong ( announces the publication of its Guide to MINITAB® 14.

MINITAB Statistical Software is a powerful tool for analyzing data. However, all to often, Six Sigma/DMAIC teams collect and load data into MINITAB only to find themselves overwhelmed by the prospect of where to start and how to use MINITAB effectively. As a result, Six Sigma/DMAIC projects often fall far short of the productivity expectations associated with MINITAB.

To meet this need, Rath & Strong, the leading global provider of six sigma solutions announces its new Guide to MINITAB 14.

In teaching how to use MINITAB, this Guide incorporates a two-level approach designed to enhance the learning experience:

  • Step-by-step investigative methodology that allows Six Sigma/DMAIC teams to work toward root cause identification in a systematic way.
  • Complete Six Sigma/DMAIC case study and data file that allow the team to work through Rath & Strong’s investigative methodology, and master both the methodology and MINITAB statistical tools.

Rath & Strong’s Guide to MINITAB 14 covers both Basic and Advanced Statistical Tools:

Basic Statistics

Advanced Statistics

· Box Plot

· Dot Plot

· Histogram

· Normal Probability Plot

· Pareto Chart

· Scatter Diagram

· Time Series Plot

· Box Cox Transformation

· Control Chart

· Design of Experiments

· Factorial Plots

· Hypothesis Testing

· Matrix Plot

· Regression Analysis

In addition, this Guide teaches how to format data in Excel (using Excel Pivot Tables) for MINITAB.

By using Rath & Strong’s investigative methodology and case study/data file, Six Sigma/DMAIC teams will more quickly master MINITAB, and identify root causes and solutions-realizing the productivity potential of MINITAB Statistical Software.

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