Rath & Strong Announces the Publication of Whose Fault Is It Anyway? A Modern Fable About Six Sigma.


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LEXINGTON, MA – May 7, 2004 – Rath & Strong (http://www.rathstrong.com) announces the publication of Whose Fault Is It Anyway? A Modern Fable About Six Sigma.

A Modern Fable about Six Sigma and How it Really Works

Recently, there was Who Moved My Cheese and then there’s the classic quality fable I Know It When I See It – simple, but serious stories that captured a movement and a philosophy with a short, powerful message. Now there’s Whose Fault Is It Anyway: A Modern Fable about Six Sigma, the newest entry in the serious-fun category of important tales. Wall Street Journal’s best selling author of the Six Sigma Pocket Guide, Rath & Strong, brings it to you.

Written to be entertaining and informative, this concise Rath & Strong book is a simple, effective, and enjoyable way to spread the powerful message of Six Sigma. It’s an easy way to experience what it really feels like to implement Six Sigma and run a project.

Whose Fault Is It Anyway? is set at Forgiveness, Inc. a company that provides organizations with plausible explanations for their failings, so that they can break the news gently when customers have been disappointed. The struggling hero of the fable, Paul Bowes, is selected to lead the company’s foray into Six Sigma.

Written from Paul’s perspective as a newly trained Black Belt (that is, a Six Sigma project leader – yes, you do pick up the jargon!), Whose Fault Is It Anyway? takes you through the ups and downs of his training, his projects, his experience of Six Sigma’s systematic approach to process improvement – and the inevitable politics he encounters lurking beneath the veneer of co-operation.

So, if you’re still wondering what Six Sigma is all about or you’re just starting on a Six Sigma initiative, here is a great introduction. And even if you’ve experienced Six Sigma first hand, Whose Fault Is It Anyway? is the perfect summary of the lessons learned on a Six Sigma journey.

You’ll see that Six Sigma turns out to be a very practical business initiative that delivers an effective, disciplined way of mobilizing people to increase customer satisfaction profitably.

When you have read Whose Fault Is It Anyway? you will understand why.

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