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Lexington, Massachusetts. (June 14, 2007) –
Rath & Strong, author of the WALL STREET JOURNAL’S Best Selling Rath & Strong’s Six Sigma Pocket Guide and of the top rated Guides to Minitab 14 and 13, announces the publication of its new Rath & Strong’s Guide to Minitab® 15. With over 50 new enhancements and powerful features to make the work of Six Sigma teams easier, Minitab Statistical Software remains the statistical software of choice for business process improvement.

“We created our new Guide to Minitab 15 to support the work of Six Sigma teams globally as this new statistical software rolls out. Rath & Strong’s Guide to Minitab 15 goes far beyond being a how-to. Much more than a description of how to use Minitab 15, it outlines the logical thought processes you can use to analyze and deal expeditiously with the issues that business process improvement efforts are deployed to solve,” notes Dan Quinn, President and CEO of Rath & Strong in announcing the publication of Rath & Strong’s newest Guide.

Rath & Strong’s Guide to Minitab 15 zeroes in on the fundamental questions, and continually probes into more refined approaches and methods. It is the most comprehensive and advanced approach to the real-life deployment and usefulness of Minitab 15 in Six Sigma projects.

Rath & Strong’s Guide to Minitab 15 does an excellent job of explaining how to apply Minitab to solve real world problems and illustrates how our partnership continues to support and advance the Six Sigma community,” states Chris Paret, Senior Business Development Coordinator, Minitab Inc.

Rath & Strong’s Guide to Minitab 15 is designed to counter the blocks to productivity teams encounter even with easy-to-use statistical tools. Typically, projects can get bogged down in data collection, analysis, and tool selection and employment. To unleash the power of the tools in the hands of Six Sigma teams, Rath & Strong incorporates a two-level approach designed to enhance the learning experience:

  • Step-by-step investigative methodology that allows Six Sigma/DMAIC teams to work toward root cause identification in a systematic way.
  • Complete Six Sigma/DMAIC case study and data file that allows the team to work through Rath & Strong’s proprietary investigative methodology, and master both the methodology and Minitab statistical tools.

While Rath & Strong’s Guide to Minitab 15 covers both Basic and Advanced Statistical Tools, by using Rath & Strong’s investigative methodology and case study/data file, Six Sigma/DMAIC teams will more quickly get the most of out Minitab, and identify root causes and solutions-quickly realizing the powerful potential of Minitab Statistical Software.

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