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October 30, 2014 (Kitchener, Ontario) – SigmaXL Inc., a leading provider of user friendly Excel Add-ins for Statistical and Graphical analysis, has bundled SigmaXL Version 7 with DiscoverSim.

DiscoverSim is an Excel add-in that enables you to quantify your risk through Monte Carlo simulation and minimize your risk with global optimization. Business decisions are often based on assumptions with a single point value estimate or an average, resulting in unexpected outcomes. “DiscoverSim allows you to model the uncertainty in your inputs so that you know what to expect in your outputs,” said John Noguera, CTO, SigmaXL.

SigmaXL Version 7 adds powerful and user friendly statistical and graphical tools to DiscoverSim. New features in Version 7 include:

  • “Traffic Light” Automatic Assumptions Check for t-Tests and ANOVA. A text report with color highlight gives the status of assumptions: Green (OK), Yellow (Warning) and Red (Serious Violation). Normality, Robustness, Outliers, Randomness and Equal Variance are considered.
  • Automatic yellow highlight to recommend significant Pearson or Spearman correlations.
  • “Traffic Light” Attribute Measurement Systems Analysis with Binary, Ordinal and Nominal AMSA. Kappa and Kendall coefficients are color highlighted (Green/Yellow/Red) to aid interpretation.
  • Small Sample Exact Statistics for One-Way Chi-Square, Two-Way (Contingency) Tables and Nonparametric Tests.

A free 30-day trial version of DiscoverSim or SigmaXL is available for download from the SigmaXL Inc. website at:

About SigmaXL Inc.
SigmaXL is a leading provider of user friendly Excel Add-ins for Lean Six Sigma tools and Monte Carlo Simulation. SigmaXL customers include market leaders like Agilent, Diebold, FedEx, Microsoft, Motorola, and Shell. SigmaXL software is also used by numerous colleges, universities and government agencies.

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