Six Sigma Qualtec Introduces Expanded Six Sigma Training For Services Companies


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Enhanced curriculum provides most complete training; enables companies to focus their performance improvement efforts, register measurable results

TEMPE, AZ., January 15, 2003 – Six Sigma Qualtec (, a nationwide leader in providing Six Sigma process improvement training and certification to large corporations, today announced the immediate availability of its expanded Six Sigma for Services Companies training curriculum. The curriculum provides services-based companies, like those in financial services, healthcare, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals and more, with the industry’s most complete, integrated and comprehensive range of Six Sigma training for professionals, including Yellow Belt, Green Belt, Black Belt, DFSS and Six Sigma Champion.

By using Six Sigma Qualtec’s updated curriculum, professionals involved in Six Sigma implementations can easily access the precise tools they need to design and implement projects that meet and exceed their customers’ expectations. In doing so, they can also reduce costs while improving the quality that is crucial to success in today’s market.

“In a service environment, the challenge of meeting and exceeding customers’ expectations is highly dependent upon the ability to control business processes that are delivered by a diverse group of individuals,” said Lynn Monkelien, Six Sigma Qualtec’s program manager. “Managing the human element requires a greater focus on training, communications and using technology to reduce cycle time and improve decision making. It’s why we built our Six Sigma for Service curriculum from the ground up, a program that offers the most comprehensive training in the industry.”

The Six Sigma for Services training includes relevant industry case studies, which help by providing examples and solidifying learning; deployment road maps and templates, customized for services industries, that serve to streamline the process and reduce time to successfully finish a project; and the use of advanced simulation techniques, incorporated throughout the training process. The curriculum also features training for every deployment role, onsite and online support, and deployment management (available through SixNet™, Six Sigma Qualtec’s exclusive web-based information portal).

Six Sigma Qualtec is an acknowledged industry leader in helping companies maximize the gains from Six Sigma deployments; its services-oriented training has helped hundreds of firms worldwide realize verifiable gains of more than $1.5 billion in the last three years. For example:

  • Six Sigma Qualtec helped a utility company implement changes in its procurement processes that saved the firm more than $600,000 a year;
  • A publishing firm saved more than $100,000 immediately through Six Sigma Qualtec training that helped it identify and correct process errors;
  • A financial services firm slashed its equity loan processing time by 60 per cent, improving the amount of loans it was able to handle, and increasing customer satisfaction.

“Our Six Sigma for Service Companies curriculum builds on our successful track record, and provides companies with a focus that ensures rapid learning and implementation of Six Sigma practices and methodologies, and produces measurable results. In today’s business environment, that is an absolute requirement,” Monkelien added.

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