STAT-A-MATRIX Announces Publication of Integrating Lean and Six Sigma Methodologies for Business Excellence


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Edison, New Jersey (March 13, 2007) – Many organizations with mature Six Sigma programs are now training their Black Belts in Lean methods. Other organizations beginning process improvement initiatives are looking at integrated Lean Six Sigma deployments. There is no standard method for integrating Lean and Six Sigma-different organizations require different approaches. Integrating Lean and Six Sigma Methodologies for Business Excellence describes typical ways in which companies combine Lean and Six Sigma, and presents an approach for integration that best captures the philosophy behind the two methods.

“Our approach is based on experience working with Lean Six Sigma integrations in a variety of industries and situations. Many of the companies we work with have a Lean or Six Sigma program in place and are looking for ways to efficiently bring in other methodologies. The approach presented in this paper uses fundamentals essential to both Lean and Six Sigma such as process thinking, continual improvement, measurements, and monitoring, and presents a simple and effective way of connecting Lean and Six Sigma programs and getting them off the ground,” says Rohit Ramaswamy, Oriel Vice President of Client Relationships. “Our marketplace has been looking for a discussion of Lean Six Sigma implementations and we are excited to introduce this easy-to-follow model.”

The paper includes our “Ask an Expert” feature available through Along with the white paper, we offer a full suite of Lean Six Sigma training materials and consulting support to ensure successful deployment.


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