An engaged Project Champion can be a significant factor in the success of a project.

This cartoon evolved fromastory from a GBwho shared an experience while at a project team meeting.

The Champion had not really paid attention to the problem the project team was working on solving, even though they had worked on building the Project Charter together. This disconnect was obvious to the team when the Champion was asked to address the team at the opening meeting.

This caused me to ask the GB if expectations of the roles of GB andChampion were discussed at the forming of the Charter? The BBresponded that the Champion had taken the Champion training and they admitted that they had not considered it.Isuggested that just because a Champion has taken the Champion training itdoes notmeanthey’ll be good Champions.I also suggested thatitmight be wise for the GB toreview withthe Championwhatthe expectations are ofthe roles of the team members, including that of the Champion.

It is my opinion that the good Champions, as the Value Stream Leader or Process Owner, will have identified a problem that will provide significant business improvements if addressed by the project team, and therefore willhave a vested interest inensuring the team is motivated. They can accomplish this byshowing that interest through their words and actions.

Do you have a Championexperience, good or bad? If so, I’d like to hearit.


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