To start ’07 I’m conducting a LOC (Laugh Of Customer) and if you are a regular visitor to this Blog site I’d like to know if you have a favorite Cox-Box cartoon you’ve appreciated, and if so which one it is. If you’re so inclined,if you wouldinclude why it is your favorite that would be very much appreciated (although not required).This feedback will provide me with some insight into what will make future cartoons relevant to you, the readers.

With iSixSigma and I partnering in a 2007 Cox-Box Calendar (I hope you ordered yours because although I have a personal bias, I think they’re some of the funnier cartoons I’ve created since creating the Cox-Box) we’re off to a great start in 07.

I acknowledge ’06 was a good year for Six Sigma Guy and his workmates in large part because of Mike Cyger and the iSixSigma team, and Keith Curtis, supporting my creative efforts.

Thanks to all you who visit the blog site and share my joy and passion for Six Sigma and try to see the humorous side of leading Continuous Improvement projects.

All the best for 2007,


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