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Kano Analysis

Designing Profitable Products Using QFD and Kano Model

Considering customer satisfaction levels when creating a product is not an easy process. Many Six Sigma practitioners use the quality function deployment (QFD) tool to translate the voice of the customer (VOC) into product specifications.

Kano Analysis: A Little Something Extra Can Have Big Results

How often have you been truly delighted by a dining experience? This article provides an opportunity to examine the dining experience through the well-known Kano Model of customer satisfaction. The model, developed by Japanese quality expert Dr. Noriaki Kano, describes the complexities of customer needs and their relationship to customer satisfaction in an easy to understand visual format.

Leveraging Kano and QFD for Requirements Management

Used in combination, the Kano survey and QFD tools provide companies with the ability to maximize customer satisfaction.

Make Better Use of Survey Data with Kano Analysis

One way to make use of customer satisfaction survey data is through Kano analysis, a model for classifying customer responses. Here, an appliance company analyzes customer data related to dishwashers.

The Kano Analysis: Customer Needs Are Ever Changing

How does a company analyze customer needs? How can it easily determine what delights customers or what their basic needs are? A powerful technique to address these questions was developed by Noriaki Kano and colleagues. It is called Kano analysis.

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