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  • Chris Seider replied to the topic cpk when sigma is 0 in the forum Manufacturing 51 minutes ago

    Shift happens….I doubt sigma (standard deviation) is zero unless you have poor resolution on your gage which would imply a failed gage R&R if checked.

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  • I have a list of all the tests done i our production with all that is needed to calculate cpk. The problem is that some of the tests are so stable they have sigma = 0.
    Example: USL:400, LSL:100, AVG:100, Sigma:0.
    Since i use Excel to do all this i, of course, get #DIV/0!.

    I sort the list with lowest cpk first and would like the tests with sigma…[Read more]

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  • Robert Butler replied to the topic 2k or CCD in the forum Methodology 2 hours, 43 minutes ago

    I’m not aware of any experimental design that assumes the optimal settings are inside the hyper-geometric region of the X matrix. The usual procedure (at least my usual procedure) is that one builds the design, runs the analysis and the resulting equations will point in the direction of optimum settings. Sometimes these settings are inside the…[Read more]

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  • Thanks for your feedback @Andy-Parr and @MBBinWI. It is very useful to hear other opinions as I am new to this.

    To put this into a bit more context:
    This is a finishing cell for a casting process. This cell looks into correcting inspecting individual parts before being sent either to machining or to the customer. Within the cell there are…[Read more]

  • Sergey replied to the topic 2k or CCD in the forum Methodology 8 hours, 19 minutes ago

    Building on what already said..
    If you run DOE on a regular basis you might suggest curvature during planning based on your experience. If it is highly expected, you may go directly to response surface designs. Box-Benhken can save you some amount of trials (for 3 factors – 15 trilas versus 20 in CCD). The big assumption here that optimal settings…[Read more]

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