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  • Based on your second post it sounds like there is a chance the two tests will be equivalent. However, the question of equivalence of question structure remains. In order to address this you would need to review the questions with someone who understands all of the issues involved in question construction.

    Since you probably do not have…[Read more]

  • Hi @rbutler ! Thank you so much to your reply!

    1.a. Yes, both have 30 questions.
    b. Yes.
    c. Yes.
    d. Both are multiple choice type of test and the learning outcomes that they were aligned with are coming from one curriculum, the K-12 English Curriculum of the Philippines.

    2. Self-made test meaning I myself made it. I did it with help from…[Read more]

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  • You will need to provide more information before anyone can offer much in the way of suggestions. As written the answer to your question is neither.

    Since the same population is taking both tests the results amount to repeated measures which means the assumption of independent measures – a requirement of a two sample t-test – has been violated.…[Read more]

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  • Hi there!

    I have this research on testing. I have the same respondents and I let them take a standardized admission test and a self-made test. They took the standardized test first and after 2 months, after making the self-made test, I administered to them the self-made test. Now, I am confused since I don’t know which statistical tool to use…[Read more]

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  • I’m sure Katie can direct you to search the site.

    NUM error sounds like a formatting issue? Zero works well in the normsdist commands within excel.

    Acceptable number is an interesting question that should spark some comments. Is your sigma level “adjusted”? If not, I’d be shocked a process is at such a good quality level if not looked at…[Read more]

  • Hello ALL,

    I am a new user for this forum. Please some one make me understand about SIGMA value.

    I have drawn enough calculations by using earlier forum discussions about DPMO & Yield.Now I got stuck with some calculations.
    1. I am getting NUM error for few(Fyi..i have 0 errors for respective calculation)
    2. What is acceptance number for…[Read more]

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  • If you say customers are returning things that are “within spec”, it initially says to me
    1. Can you measure the leak rate correctly (MSA on the leak test results itself)
    2. Are you measuring the rate output characteristic (maybe leakage at a different condition than on a bench is needed)
    3. Are you specs correct since they should emulate what…[Read more]

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