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  • Background:
    I had more than 8 years’ experience in Business development across various industries. Following my passion for process, data analysis, change management I invested lots of time to complete my black belt. It took me almost 2 years to understand & complete green belt and black belt.

    I was well connected with the leadership team, h…[Read more]

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  • @dianaru13 It does sound like in your situation you should get GB, at least for now. Project documentation for BB can be a problem. Even if you’ve done one, your employer may not allow you to use it considering trade secrets and such. You’d also need written affidavits vouching for your professionalism in the field. We want to assure that our…[Read more]

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  • @tgroves-EXTA – what you seem to be describing is a rolling average reported weekly of data from the past two weeks. This is a reasonable method of damping out noise/variation that occurs at a periodicity larger than the reporting period. It is not an average of an average. Your approach is well within acceptable practice.

  • @mike-carnell – I profess, I cannot remember the instance, but am sure it was well deserved ;-}

  • @cseider @mike-carnell – it is a weekend to remember that our ability to pontificate without repercussion should not be taken for granted. So many had that ability cut short so that the rest of us could retain it. To the veterans out there – Thank You. To those who are the family members of those who gave all, our profound sympathy for your…[Read more]

  • @cseider – are you disparaging my current home? Having grown up in Minnesota, the winter here is actually mild ;-}

  • @Straydog – good point. I’ve interviewed some that had “certification”, even ASQ, but couldn’t reason through one of my favorite BB questions – what do you do when you have a GR&R of 70% and a process with a Cpk of 1.7? They have been trained to react to certain values, not think and understand what the data is telling them.

  • Heh, heh @Mike-Carnell. At AlliedSignal we were convinced that everything had to be a “project”, meaning that you had to have a written plan with goals, schedule, budget, resources, and so on before you could get approval to begin.

    But back to @dianaru13 original question. Do you even need certification? An enlightened hiring manager cares…[Read more]

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