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In 2004, Dr. Mikel Harry opened himself up to the iSixSigma community to ask any and all questions about what is and how to implement Six Sigma. In turn, he would provide answers to the questions. This archive remains as only a small portion of Dr. Mikel Harry’s vast and generous contributions to the science and practice of Six Sigma.

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  1. Six Sigma Methodology: Where did the name “Six Sigma” come from?
  2. Six Sigma Methodology: How do you apply Six Sigma in a small factory?
  3. Six Sigma Methodology: Is Six Sigma just as valid for service providers as it is for manufacturers?
  4. Six Sigma Methodology: What should be measured in the Measure phase of Six Sigma DMAIC?
  5. Tools & Techniques: Can you explain “degrees of freedom” in the context of a Six Sigma tool, such as a DOE?
  6. Tools & Techniques: What is the best way to develop a CTQ tree?
  7. Six Sigma Methodology: What do you see as the evolution of Six Sigma? What is the future and what are the implications for corporations worldwide?
  8. Six Sigma Methodology: If a process is broken (low process capability), should it be a DMAIC or Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) project?
  9. Tools & Techniques: What is the difference between SPC and SQC?
  10. Tools & Techniques: Can you explain “degrees of freedom” and provide an example?
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