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Managing COPQ by Analyzing and Optimizing Thresholds

At the core of Six Sigma lies the continuous drive to reduce the cost of poor quality (COPQ), and it often takes center stage when making the business case for continuous improvement projects. Its components include aspects of operations such as scrap, rework and costly customer returns. In the wake of the current global economic…

Discriminant Analysis Can Minimize Returned Products

Accurate predictions, optimal decisions, and an explanation of root cause and its effects on a process are just a few of the many types of solutions managers are expected to deliver when complex problems appear. Yet, discriminant analysis, one of the most powerful tools used to solve problems in a process, is often neglected in…


Converting Skeptics and Keeping Them On Board

A powerful process improvement tool since the 1980s, Six Sigma has grown in popularity over recent years while less effective initiatives have faded away. Yet some still believe Six Sigma will ultimately share that same fate. These skeptics are people who feel burdened by the disruption Six Sigma has caused in their responsibilities and authority….

Lessons from Crusoe on Project Resource Allocation

Take a look at the headlines of any newspaper today and it is easy to see that the next two years are going to be a difficult time for most companies. Among these, some organizations that have already deployed Lean or Six Sigma may be forced to reduce their labor force. Of course, there may…