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Addressing Six Sigma Concerns From The Skeptics

Regardless of the red flags skeptics attempt to raise, Six Sigma is not a cult or a seventh-grade science project. Even the most ardent Six Sigma fans should view questions from skeptics as a chance to present evidence supporting the use of Six Sigma and change management techniques in healthcare. Six Sigma makes it easier for people to do the right thing by identifying and removing the barriers to excellence.

Automating Input Data to Improve On-Time DeliveriesAn iSixSigma Case Study

Liquid Controls, a manufacturer of high-quality flow meters and accessories for accurate liquid measurement, is a well-practiced user of Six Sigma methodologies. Having adopted Six Sigma in 1999 and made significant strides in improving manufacturing processes, the company more recently…

Basic Strategies for Avoiding and Overcoming Resistance

Every company runs into resistance that can slow down, or even rail, a new Lean Six Sigma initiative. That is why part of every executive's repertoire needs to be the knowledge, skills and tools to minimize the occurrence and impact of resistance.

Converting Skeptics and Keeping Them On Board

Six Sigma has grown in popularity, yet it still has detractors. These skeptics are people who feel burdened by the disruption Six Sigma has caused in their work life. It is up to managers to face the skeptics and set the right tone for a deployment.

How to Turn Resistance into Support for Lean Six Sigma

While some resistance to change is inevitable, there are ways for Lean Six Sigma project teams to accelerate change through best practices using tactical tools to gain acceptance, change old habits and increase the company's bottom line.

Managing Six Sigma Change Resistance

A critical component of any successful Six Sigma project is overcoming resistance to change. The reason: Without user acceptance, any process improvement is doomed to fail. Therefore, proper anticipation and understanding the approaches to various resistance tactics is essential to success.

My Business Is Different, Six Sigma Won’t Work

If you think Six Sigma won't work for your company, you are either ignorant or refuse to change. Every business process can be measured, improved and controlled using the Six Sigma methodology.

Overcoming Initial Resistance to Six Sigma

Resistance to Six Sigma implementation is quite common in spite of the inordinate amount of time and effort we spend trying to convince managers otherwise. To combat the onslaught of business complaints are a list of realities that should help you in your day-to-day activities.

Overcoming the Barriers to Change in Healthcare System

Though debate over specific solutions may continue, there seems to be widespread consensus for changes in healthcare in the United States to address inconsistencies in quality and efficiency. So what is keeping these changes from happening?

Overcoming the Challenges to Project Realization

For many Six Sigma practitioners in transactional environments, simply handing off the project does not guarantee that the gains will be realized. A number of techniques can help overcome obstacles and bring a Six Sigma project to realization.

Roadblocks to Implementation

There are many reasons for detours during your project journey; unfortunately, many of these are unpredictable. Some of the best lessons are the ones we have to learn the hard way.

Safeguard Against Four Forms of Six Sigma Opposition

Practitioners typically encounter four types of resistance to Six Sigma: technical, political, organizational and personal. To resolve these negative forces, they must understand its root cause and then adjust their deployment strategies accordingly.

Six Sigma…Without The Pain, For Healthcare

What is clear is that Six Sigma can drive bigger improvements in patient care and cost reduction, and potentially, do it faster. In the handful of hospitals that have successfully implemented Six Sigma, the results are impressive.

Ten Ways to Boost Up a ‘Pretty Good’ Six Sigma Program

Many Six Sigma efforts are doing well enough, limping along with casual management support, frustration from underused Belts, and less than earth-shattering savings. The following actions can help turn so-so programs like these into something great.

The Path of Least Resistance: Is There a Better Route?

For many, delivering quality patient care is non-negotiable and the ability to function at the highest level of efficiency while doing so is seen as a necessity...not a choice. Realizing and responding to this quandary a few years ago, California's Stanford University Medical Center decided to aggressively work toward a solution and overcome resistance by approaching it with evidence.

Turning Management Reluctance into Six Sigma Support

Not every organization is so lucky as to have senior management fully on board from the start of a Six Sigma program. There are, however, a couple of proven ways to turn on management support for a continuous improvement program organization-wide.

Words of Advice for Frustrated Black Belts

We've all been there before – frustrated with projects, business culture and a lack of support for Six Sigma. Here are suggestions for overcoming Black Belt frustrations.

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